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"K-Tehnologijas", Ltd., Bieķensalas 21-207b, Rīga, LV-1004 : companies :

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  1. 40103199657
  2. LV40103199657
  3. 05.11.2008
  4. Rīga, Bieķensalas iela 21, LV-1004
  5. 2019


Ltd. "K-Tehnoloģijas" was established in 2008 and operates in ventilation and air conditioning, refrigeration, heat exchange process, energy recovery and re-use, eco-technology (organic waste mechanical and heat treatment) field. The company provides conceptual engineering services, delivery and service. 


Ventilation and conditioning equipment, decentralized ventilation equipment,
ventilation systems for private houses, HEPA filters, fire safety valves,
air flow valves, cooling equipment, chillers, fan-coils, dry coolers,
flue gas utilization and purification systems, heat exchangers, humidity control systems,
absorption equipment. TROX, IV PRODUKT, Vallox, Ventomaxx, RC Group,
LUVATA, Frost Italy, MUNTERS, Clean Air Technologies, NEXSON GROUP,
Haarslev Industries, Shuangliang. Ventilation and air conditioning
systems for commercial facilities and private sector clients: IV
Produkt (Sweden) - Energy efficient air handling units with integrated
cooling unit EcoCooler, ventilation systems with plate (counter-flow and cross-flow)
rotor and battery heat exchangers. Vallox (Finland) - ventilation
systems for private houses. Ventomaxx (Germany) - decentralized ventilation.
Trox (Germany) - air distributors, filters and filtration modules,
water - air systems (active/passive cooling beams) fire safety valves,
CAV/VAV valves. Industrial and household coldness supply (cooling):
RC Group (Italy) -chillers and refrigeration equipment. Luvata (Sweden,
Italy) - dry coolers and heat exchangers. Frost Italy (Italy) - chillers and fancoils.
Optimization of technological process in energy, pharmaceutical,
petrochemical and refining industries: NEXSON GROUP (France) - heat
exchange and separation equipment and its modules, circulating water automatic filters.
Haarslev Industries (Germany) - municipal and industrial sewage sludge
dewatering and drying. Clean Air Technologies (Sweden) - waste gas
utilization and purification systems. MUNTERS (Sweden) - evaporation
cooling and humidity control systems. Shuangliang Eco-Energy Systems
Ltd (China) - absorption equipment.

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