"Latvijas Elektriku braliba", association

"Latvijas Elektriku braliba", association


  1. +371 67845425
  2. lebsert@latnet.lv

Legal data

  1. 40008013094
  2. LV40008013094
  3. "SEB banka"
  4. LV43UNLA0050016855670
  5. 07.03.2005
  6. Rīga, Augusta Deglava iela 60 k-5 - 13, LV-1035


Latvian Electricians' Brotherhood was founded in 1996 and operates according to the legislation of Republic of Latvia, professional organization statutes and regulations. Brotherhood unites and represents electric specialist professional interests, takes care of achievement of professional level and education. 


Societies, electricians, certification, auxiliary training, safety,
security, electric installation, engineering communications. Electrical
facility engineering, supervision, work management. Electrical specialist training,
electric specialist qualification-level raising promotion, promotion
of international exchange of experience, its members' legal and economic
interests representation, electric specialist identification and merging,
certification department, electric practice certificates, certification
and recertification, residential and public buildings security and fire alarm devices,
fire safety automation devices, training.

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