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Ltd. "LR BŪVE" is a new company founded in 2016. We offer various types of building services, from the design of the construction idea to commissioning of the building. We provide high-quality construction supervision, provide advice on construction of new and existing buildings. We help to arrange your real estate documentation in order to legalize the building and consolidate real estate rights in the Land Register. Ltd. "LR BŪVE" is a young, knowledgeable and energetic team that is ready to challenge itself with high-quality work and satisfied customers. 


General construction works, construction site preparation works,
dismantling works, temporary buildings and structures. Excavation works,
drainage system construction, priming design. Foundations and basics,
reinforced concrete basics, support walls, insulation works. Walls,
building and structure frame structures, stone, wood reinforced concrete,
metal, wall, frame insulation works. Partition walls, stone, wooden,
reinforced concrete, preferential structure, partition wall insulation works.
Covering, wooden, reinforced concrete, metal, covering insulation.
Stair constructions, landings, wood reinforced concrete, metal, mixed construction.
Floor bases, coverings, wooden, concrete, reinforced concrete, preferential structure,
special coverings, floor structure insulation, under-floor channels.
Roofs, coverings, roof coatings, bearing structure construction,
roof decks, foundations, coverings from soft roll materials, surfaces
made of bituminous materials, metal thin sheet coverings, tile roofing,
insulation installation works. Box filling elements, special structure facades,
window boxes, doorway, facade structures. Furnaces, fireplaces, other heating devices.
Flues, their base. Finishing works, interior finishing works, exterior finishing works,
surface plastering, preparation for painting, surface painting, tiling works,
surface finishes with stone slabs, wallpaper works, formations, their processing,
thin sheet wall coverings, surface special treatment. Entrance, porch,
stairs, terraces, roofs. Fences, fencings, gates, gates. Roads and squares.
Greening works. Various works. Restoration works, structural element restoration,
structural element surface restoration, surface decorative finish,
formations, their renewal. Specialized works - internal networks,
systems. Internal power networks, lighting, main leads, cables, wires,
distributive , lighting fixtures, automatic controls, management systems.
Internal heating systems, pipelines, armature, heating boilers, measuring equipment,
heat units, pressure vessels, heaters, insulation, test works. Ventilation,
air-conditioning, air supply ducts, outputs, roofs, air flow dividers,
regulatory equipment, equipment, equipment, automatic control systems,
insulation, test works. Internal water supply networks, equipment,
pipelines, armature, sprinkler systems, technical equipment, insulation,
test works. Internal drainage networks, equipment, risers, actuators,
technical equipment, insulation, test works. Low-voltage networks,
security alarm, security systems, fire alarm, video surveillance,
including the territory, computer networks, including data transmission,
phone networks, including the central, television systems, notification,
sound systems. Specialized works - external networks, systems. External
electrical networks, lighting, main power lines, transformer substations,
power transmission cable networks, exterior lighting, including the facades of buildings.
External heat networks. External water supply networks. External sewerage networks.
Treatment plants. Stormwater drainage networks.

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