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PalWood, LTD, manufacture of pallet frames, production, Krogsils, Vitenu 1, Kekavas p. (Ķekavas d., "Krogsils", Bauska highway, LV 2111), Kekavas n., LV-2111 : companies :

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Pallet collars, pallet barriers, PalWood Ltd.
Pallet collars, pallets, PalWood Ltd.
Pallet collars, PalWood Ltd., Latvia, Latvia
Pallet frame factory, PalWood Ltd., Latvia
Boxes, wooden boxes, packaging, PalWood Ltd.
Pallet collars
Pallet collars
Planing services
Planing services
Production of wooden pallets
Production of wooden pallets


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  3. 08.01.2010
  4. 08.01.2010
  5. Kurzemes prospekts 3H, Rīga, LV-1067


LTD "PALWOOD" was registered in 2010. as a wood processing company engaged in the production of wood packaging. We produce both standard pallet edge size pallets and non-standard size pallet boards to order. It is possible to put the customer's logo on the product.


We manufacture wooden pallet boards.

The edges of the pallets are removable flexible boxes for pallets, perfectly adapted to the transport, sale and storage of goods, including the storage of multi-storey goods.
Pallet boards are used in various manufacturing industries. Compactness, durability and convenience - the quality that characterizes this type of industrial packaging. The perfect solution for your production, warehouse or shop.



Pallet collars, Pallet barriers, Pallet collars, Pallet frames, Wooden pallets, Sale of timber materials.

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