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REVERS, SIA FIRMA, Katlakalna 4c, Rīga LV-1073 : companies :

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Emerson EAZYCOOL refrigeration unit
Rivacold RSI type air cooler evaporator
COPELAND EMERSON refrigeration unit
REFCO Electronic Manifold REFMATE
Hydraulic pipe expander HY-EX-IO( Refco)
Condensate pump COMBI( Refco Manufacturing Ltd)
DORIN Freezer with air cooling
Electronic leak detector TRITECTOR-RCT( Refco)
SIA FIRMA "REVERS" is the authorized distributor of REFCO MANUFACTURING premium


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Legal data

  1. 40103022063
  2. LV40103022063
  3. 17.09.1991
  4. 25.07.2003
  5. Katlakalna iela 4C, Rīga, LV-1073


SIA Firma “Revers” was founded in Latvia in 1991, started its activity and also continues as a supplier of refrigeration equipment. We are the official representatives in Latvia: EMERSON( Copeland) manufacturer of refrigeration units and compressors, manufacturer of RIVACOLD refrigeration equipment and evaporators, manufacturer of EMBRACO refrigeration units and compressors, manufacturer of DORIN refrigeration units and compressors, DU PONT( CHEMOUR) refrigerant manufacturer, REFCO MANUFACTURING( Switzerland) tool manufacturer. We offer refrigerants( refrigerants, refrigerants, freons), oils, refrigeration and cooling equipment, spare parts, service tools, automation, copper pipes and everything you need for assembly and installation. We can offer calculations of various refrigeration systems and professional consultations in finding the appropriate equipment. The company's specialists are well-versed in the product ranges of various manufacturers and are always ready to help you find a solution and offer the one that suits your demand.

We offer:

  • Refrigerants
  • Oil refrigeration equipment
  • Refrigeration equipment Emerson, Rivacold, Dorin, Embraco
  • Automation and components Emerson( ALCO)
  • Electric engines
  • Copper pipes
  • Thermal insulation AEROFLEX
  • Copper solder fittings
  • Service equipment, tools and accessories
  • Access and service valves
  • Solders
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Filters
  • Service filters
  • Capillary pipes
  • Vibration isolators
  • RECTORSEAL specialty chemical products



Freezing equipment, products and equipment for conditioning and heat pumps EMBRACO, Emerson, Copeland, DORIN refrigeration units, compressors and their spare parts, RIVACOLD air coolers, cooling system parts, vibration isolators, electric engines, electric engines for capacitors, ventilators, wing wheels, defrost heaters, crankcase heaters, Emerson( ALCO) cooling system parts and automatics, thermal control valves, expansion valves, filters, service filters, pressostat, cartridges for filters, suction line filters, suction line filters, regulator, regulators electronic, ball valves and valves, solenoid valves, humidity indicators, filter driers, filter dryers, liquid separators, oil separators, REFCO service equipment and tools, thermostats, thermometers, condensate pumps, infrared thermometers, electronic scales, service valves, access valves, electronic thermometers, access transitions, capillary pipes, leakage diagnostic devices, electronic leakage setters, leak finder, manifolds, hoses, manometers, refrigeration equipment tools, rolling tools, pipe benders, sealants, sealants, vacuum pumps, pumping equipment, freon pumping equipment, refrigerant pumping equipment, CHEMOUR cold agents,
cold and freezing agents, freons, R134a, R404A, R407C, R410a, OPTEON XP44, OPTEON YF, R1234yf, R452A, R449A, FUCHS oils for cooling equipment, polyester oils, PROMAX, TIF, ROBINAIR equipment and instruments, soldering materials, silver bullet, fluxes, welding rods, copper pipes, insulated copper pipes, hard copper pipes, copper pipe in reels, copper pipes with insulation, copper pipes without insulation, copper fittings, elbows, transitions, caps, plates, siphons, sleeved soldering copper fittings, solder fittings, thread fittings, solder joints, threaded connections, AEROFLEX heat insulation, heat insulation pipes, heat insulation sheets, RECTORSEAL refrigeration equipment cleaning chemicals, condenser detergents, thread sealing, thread sealants, tablets for drainage systems, tablets for maintenance of drainage systems, chemical reagents for determination of acidity in cooling systems, chemical reagents for acid neutralizing in cooling systems, acid neutralization in freon oil, acid neutralization in system, acid neutralization in compressor oil, compressor oil antacids, freezing equipment, cooling equipment, cooling equipment, cold chambers, cold compressors, SCROLL compressors, EAZYCOOL aggregates, refrigerating equipment, refrigeration equipment, cooling equipment, freezing chamber calculations, cold chamber estimates, refrigeration equipment calculations, cooling equipment calculations, equipment matching, matching of ice cream units, compressor matching, advice on freezing chambers design, consultations about cold chamber design, consultations in the design of refrigeration equipment, refrigeration equipment, consultations, cooling equipment, conditioning compressor, Temperature exchange equipment, Compressor replacement, diagnostics, Ventilation and air conditioning systems and equipment for premises, Conditioners. Compressors for heat pumps.