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Surveyors in Riga
Geodesic works


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  3. 26.05.2011
  4. Rīga, Vietalvas iela 1, LV-1009
  5. 2021

About us

SIA “Rīgas mērnieks” provides geodesy and topographic surveying services throughout Latvia. Surveying services for construction companies, infrastructure and utility companies, construction supervisors and construction experts. Land surveying services for building and landowners, architects, companies and farms in connection with a wide range of construction works, construction and installation of engineering communications.
The company's specialists also have experience in Norway, providing surveying services to Latvian construction contractors working in Belarus.

A surveyor is needed

A certified surveyor is required in Riga or elsewhere in Latvia? Let's help. Our company's surveyors provide topographic surveying services to building and land owners and architects throughout Latvia. Call!


The price of the service consists of three factors: ( 1) number of measurements required. It is determined by the shape of the foundations of the land plot or the building already under construction; ( 2) location; ( 3) terms.
We can usually provide indicative service costs already in a telephone call, when the surveyor has received a little more specific information about the land or building to be surveyed from you.


Surveying office in Riga. Engineering networks. Building, building, commissioning of engineering networks. Document, coordination of documentation in Construction Board,
act, preparation of act. Axis setting in nature. Horizontal and vertical surveying. Topography, topographical plan,
topographic survey, Geodesy, geodesic works, services,
engineering geodesic. Land topographic plan, building correctness check.
Construction site, monitoring of construction sites and surrounding buildings. Preparation of executive schemes.
Communication insertion and surveying water pipes, water-pipe,
water supply, sewerage, sewerage, gas, gas supplies,
equipment, installation of electricity, on power cables, facility improvement.
For all engineering communications, heat networks, heat supply. Good prices.
Control during construction and submission of data to the Construction Board. Daily engineering geodesy services on site main building element setting in nature, testing of molds, surveying of various constructions: piles,
foundations, walls, put in parts, bolt-screws, columns, covering.
Certified surveyors, surveying, geodesy, geodetic,
cartography, topography, topographical plans, construction,
construction, in construction and repair works, architects, architecture,
designing. Border plans, border surveying, executive survey,
executive measurements. Riga Surveyor.