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Santeh RK, LTD, Maskavas 130a-, Rīga LV-1003 : companies :

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Technical parts of real estate
Emergency services
Maintenance of engineering communications
Water pipes
Heating systems
Service maintenance
Plumbing repair works
Inspection of heating systems
Water pipe maintenance
Heating system assembly
Plumbing works
Maintenance of sewage systems
Maintenance of sewage systems
Plumbing repair works
Preparation of heating units for the season
Preparation of heating units for the season
Hydrophores installation
Technical maintenance of buildings
Technical building manager
Survey of water and sewage systems
Heat units
All kinds of plumbing works
Maintenance of water pipes
Installation of water supply
Survey act
Filter cleaning


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  3. 14.01.2015
  4. 14.01.2015
  5. Mazā Kalna iela 2 – 21, Rīga, LV-1003


The company's main activities: engineering network construction, service and maintenance, real estate, technical maintenance of buildings, management - water supply, sewerage, heating, heating unit, electricity, emergency services( water, sewage and heating) . Plumbing, plumbing installation, repair. Building construction, renovation, premises repair works.

We work in Riga and throughout Latvia


"SANTEH RK" operates throughout the territory of Latvia. Company "SANTEH RK" expands and additionally offers:

  • all types of roof works, renovation, construction of a new roof, emergency repair works;
  • wooden frame and construction of sauna houses, as well as assembly;
  • all kinds of interior work( repairs of apartments, staircases, office or office buildings) and construction of private houses;
  • restoration and repair works of building facades.



Management of the technical part of real estate( water pipe, sewerage, heating, thermal node, electricity) . We cooperate with house administrations, societies, cooperatives. Full technical management with emergency services. Survey act, repair offers, a technical manager for each building, emergency services( water, sewerage, heating), service maintenance( filters, sewerage, heating, in heat units, in water mains), filter cleaning, replacement of elements, installation, sewer system maintenance, preparation of heating units for the heating season, plumbing maintenance, technical management of buildings also for private houses. Replacement of filter elements, cleaning, hydrophores installation, maintenance, repair, all kinds of plumbing repairs( showers, mixer, toilet bowl, baths etc. assembly / replacement) . Repair works, building renovation, An offer is drawn up for large-scale repair works. The company has adequate pricing, individual approach to each client.