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  2. Tomsona iela 39 k-1, Rīga, LV-1013
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Security.Lv is a company specializing in the fields of labor protection, safety, labor rights and data protection. We offer a wide range of services to help businesses and organizations ensure security and comply with labor and data protection regulations. Our company's experts are experienced professionals who are able to provide quality consultation and services in accordance with current laws and regulations. We help companies develop and implement effective work safety measures by conducting risk assessment, training staff and providing the necessary equipment.


Labour protection:

  • Risk assessment and security planning
  • Development of occupational safety and health protection policy
  • Training and education of employees in safety matters
  • Monitoring and implementation of labor protection measures

Security services:

  • Physical security assessment and planning
  • Security of facilities and installation of monitoring systems
  • Training and supervision of security personnel
  • Incident response and crisis management

Labour law:

  • Drafting and revision of employment contracts and documents
  • Employment law advice and support
  • Resolving disputes and conducting negotiations with employees
  • Prevention and assessment of labor law violations

Data protection:

  • GDPR( General data protection regulations) compliance audit
  • Data risk assessment and analysis
  • Development of policies and procedures in the field of data protection
  • Staff training and education on data protection

These services help businesses ensure security, legal compliance and a legal work environment, contributing to long-term business stability and growth.



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