"Spectrum", JSC, bulbs, lamps trade, LED products for projects

"Spectrum", JSC, bulbs, lamps trade, LED products for projects

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Legal data

  1. 40003434869
  2. LV40003434869
  3. 10.03.1999
  4. Rīga, Balvu iela 5, LV-1003
  5. 2018


Bulbs, lamps, lighting fixtures, spotlights, components, accessories,
starters, diodes, ballasts, condensers, trade. LED bulbs, LED lights,
LED products, lighting fixtures, special bulbs, incandescent bulbs,
reflector lamps, halogen bulbs, fluorescence lamps, compact fluorescent light bulbs,
gas discharge lamps, natrium bulbs, metal-halide lamps, mercury lamps,
without-throttle bulbs, colorful light bulbs, miniature bulbs, infra-red bulbs,
germicidal lamps, telephone bulbs, neon lights, signal bulbs, navigation bulbs,
air navigation bulbs, airfield bulbs, ships bulbs, medical bulbs,
optical bulbs, photo bulbs, projector bulbs, micro-projector bulbs,
indicator bulbs, traffic bulbs, railway bulbs, polygraphy bulbs,
reprography bulbs, theater bulbs, disco bulbs, ultraviolet bulbs,
quartz bulbs, microscope bulbs, diagnostic bulbs, radiation sources,
ionizing. GENERAL ELECTRIC, Tungsram, Philips, OSRAM, Sylvania, Radium,
BLV, NARVA, Vossloh-Schwabe. Lamp trade, bulb sale. Ultraviolet (UV)
bulbs for disinfection, reprography, for water disinfection, for air disinfection,
photo for polymerisation, Diode lighting, LED luminaires, LED lines,
LED lights, LED lighting, profiles, LED floodlights, diode spotlights,
LED drivers, LED power pack. Motion sensors, presence sensors. Lighting
control systems LICS and LIXOS. Sockets switches. Lighting, development
of lighting projects. Light design. Light design.

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