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TENKO Baltic, company representative office, Žirmūnų g. 139A, Vilnius : companies :
TENKO Baltic, company representative office

TENKO Baltic, company representative office

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Alpha InnoTec equipment
Heat supply for homes
Installation of heat pumps
Warm floor installation
Capillary systems
Ventilation recuperator
Geothermal heating
Residential house heating and cooling with heat pump
Heat pump


  1. +371 25150026
  2. +370 52643583


  • 27 in august 2019, 13:52

    ❝Ārtri sagatavoja projektu, sakomplektēja un ļoti ātri samontēja. Ne uz koevajadzēja gaidīt!❞

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TENKO Baltic is a trading - engineering company working in the field of renewable energy sources and other engineering building systems. We offer our customers geothermal heating / cooling and efficient, energy-efficient ventilation system solutions that result in minimal system operation costs. We carry out feasibility studies, prepare projects, assemble equipment, organize assembly, carry out warranty and post-warranty technical service.


Heating: heating, panel heating, heat engineering, heat supply, geothermal heating, alternative energy, renewable natural resources, free energy, heated floors, warm walls, hot ceiling, capillary system BEKA, capillary mats, accumulation tank, multi-purpose tank FORSTNER, heat pump air/water, land/water, water/water Alpha InnoTec, remote control system. Cool: Comfortable cool from heat pump without air conditioning and air-conditioning, without discomfort with a radiant capillary system in floor, wall, ceiling, ensures even temperature indoors, wireless control system. Ventilation: Recuperator BRINK, NedAir, recuperation, ventilation, countercurrent heat exchanger, heat recovery, energy-efficient, energy efficiency, low power consumption, flexible air ducts, flexible air duct system. Designing, consultations, consulting, delivery, assembly in cooperation with the best construction companies in Latvia, technical support.