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Tolmets Vidzeme, LTD, Cesis scrap metal purchasing point, Rupniecibas street 17, Cesis, Cesu district, LV4101 : companies :
Tolmets Vidzeme, LTD, Cesis scrap metal purchasing point

Tolmets Vidzeme, LTD, Cesis scrap metal purchasing point


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Legal data

  1. 44103059611
  2. 01.06.2010
  3. 01.06.2010
  4. Valmieras iela 20A, Cēsis, Cēsu nov., LV-4101
  5. 2023

Purchase of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal

LTD "Tolmets Vidzeme" is one of the largest companies in Vidzeme that buys both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal from individuals and legal entities.


We offer

  • container and truck services
  • various types of dismantling works
  • car write-off in each branch - FREE OF CHARGE
  • possibility to buy various metal products, car spare parts


Our services

  • Transport services
  • Demolition services
  • Container service
  • Trailer rental
  • Car write-off



Scrap metal, Dismantling works, Trailer rental, Trailer rental Cesis.

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