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WOOD Board&Color, timber, ready to use, from idea to realization., Brīvības gatve 202, Rīga, LV-1039 : companies :
WOOD Board&Color, timber, ready to use, from idea to realization.

WOOD Board&Color, timber, ready to use, from idea to realization.

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Burnt / painted larch
Burnt pine
Burnt painted pine
Painted wood
Scratched, painted wood
Scratched, painted wood
Peeled wood


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Preparation of all types of timber for assembly on site. Four-sided board finish( painting, laxing, oiling, waxing, burning) . Production of wall and facade panels from design to installation on site. Tonal and textural solutions for building facades. Sale of wooden building materials and fasteners, their solutions.


Full finishing timber, Yakisugi, Shou-sugi-ban, shou sugi ban,
shousugiban, fir, larch, pine, cedar, ACCOYA modified wood,
aCCOYA, ahoja, akoja, kebony, kebany, boards, beams, laths, līmsijas,
adhesive cover, wood covering panels, building structure timber,
wooden finish, wood finish by burning, lazējot, painting, oiling.
chemical aging, mechanical aging, excavation of softwood fibers,
removal of burnt supernatant, removal of charred topcoat,
excavation of soft fibers, reinforcement of charred surface,
fixation of the top layer of carbon, structuring, aging, waxing,
boards for facades of buildings, pergolas, for wooden terraces, for outbuildings,
renovation of wooden buildings, restoration, for traditional wooden buildings,
architectural projects, wooden fences, wooden fences, wooden gate,
wooden environment objects, decorative wood elements, wood for decorative elements and objects, interior soft fiber excavation,
burning, burning, floorboards for terraces, boards for terraces,
terrace boards, wooden floor coverings, wooden dwelling houses, artistic wood finish, artistic board finishing, tectonic solutions,
texture, texture, wood panels, fasteners for wood, wood fasteners,
fasteners for woodA2, A2 wooden fasteners, stainless steel fasteners for wood, fasteners for wood from stainless steel,
design wooden boards, designed wood board finish, wooden constructions,
wooden building constructions, traditional Japanese woodworking method,
Japanese wood finishing technology, industrially painted boards,
hand-painted boards, wooden planks with breathable coating,
hightech nanoparticle coating, board finishing by rubbing in the paint,
qualitative finishing boards, high quality finishing boards,
tar trim, tar color, tar oil, tar coloring, wood oiled with tar.
wood, house, fireproof wood, exterior cladding boards, internal cladding boards,
beams, thermowood, hard deciduous trees, thermal wood, hard deciduous trees,
KOKA FASĀDE, carbonized wood.