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"Wooden - Me", LTD, Maskavas 297-1A, Rīga, LV-1063 : companies :

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Garden houses, summer houses
Garages and sheds
Barbecue houses, baths
Hot tubs
Insulated houses, campings
Garden houses
Barrel camping house
Camping house
Mini tub
Shelter Hercules
Oval tub
Sauna barrel
Plastic tub
Sauna barrel
Fiberglass tub
Garden cottage Dreux
Garden cottage Dreux
Garden cottage Dreux
Garden cottage Dreux
Garden cottage Dreux, foundations
Grill house
Grill house
Grill house
Grill house
Grill house
Grill house
Grill house


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  3. Rīga, Maskavas iela 297 - 1A, LV-1063
  4. 2020
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"WOODEN-ME" offers the highest quality cottages, cottages, garages, tubs, sheds, saunas, holiday homes. The highest quality Lithuanian product for Latvians. Warranty 2 years for all goods. SIA WOODEN-ME was established in 2019. year. We are newcomers to the Latvian market, but we are proud of our long and successful experience in online sales of wooden products in Scandinavia, Lithuania, as well as in England and France.



Barbecue houses, camping houses, wooden houses, garden houses,
garden houses, summer houses, wooden garages and sheds, outdoor tubs,
tubs, outdoor saunas, sauna barrel. Ecological wooden houses, finished wooden houses,
barbecue houses, houses, grill, barbecue, pavilion, wooden house,
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tub with external oven, thermal wood tub, plastic tub,
square tub, tub with integrated oven, sPA, wellness outdoor sauna,
wooden sauna, outdoor wooden sauna, sauna, bath-house, barrel sauna, rectangular barrel sauna,
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sauna cabin.