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DP Serviss un Tehnika, LTD, Nīgrande, Bērzu 4-21, Nīgrandes pagasts, Saldus nov. LV-3899 : companies :

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Metal structure assembly
Work at height, mountain climbing
Facade works at height
Industrial mountaineering, roof works
Industrial climbing, window washing
Roof works at height, washing, repair
Cleaning of metal structures from corrosion
Demolition of metal structures, height mounting


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Legal data

  1. 40203349584
  2. LV40203349584
  3. 29.09.2021
  4. 29.09.2021
  5. Bērzu iela 4 – 21, Nīgrande, Nīgrandes pag., Saldus nov., LV-3899


"DP Serviss un Tehnika" provides high-quality INDUSTRIAL MOUNTAINEERING SERVICES, work-at-height, rope access services. Which is an effective solution for accessing hard to reach places. For commercial and private buildings, houses, tall trees, signs and banners, sports arenas, structures, bridges, chimneys, transmission towers, industrial production buildings, tunnels and many other places. *We work according to the wishes and needs of customers throughout Latvia!

Safe and high-quality access solutions at height!


Main services

  • Industrial mountaineering, industrial mountaineering services, work at height.
  • Facade works at height( restoration, renewal, repair works of building panels and building facades)
  • Assembly/disassembly of metal structures at height( disassembly and assembly works)
  • Painting at height( maintenance of metal structures, painting)
  • Roof works at height( Roof washing, repair, Gutter installation / dismantling / cleaning( works to be carried out on the roofs of buildings)
  • Window washing in high altitude( surveying windows, showcases and glass panel walls)
  • Tree cutting, arborist services( cutting down dangerous trees and tree branches)
  • Machinery rental( bus( micro) rent, quad bikes, jet skis, motorcycles, boats, kayaks, saunas/pools)



Industrial climbing, Mountain climbing, Industrial mountaineering services, Facade works at height, Work at height, Industrial climbing, Assembly/disassembly of metal structures at height, Cleaning of metal structures from corrosion at height, Roof works at height, Work of a mountaineer, Maintenance of showcases and glass panel walls at height, Tree cutting, arborist services.

Mountain climbing, Industrial climbing, industrial mountaineering services, work at height. Industrial climbing, FACADE WORK at height, works at height, works at height, Building panels and building facade works, Sealing of seams of building panels, painting of building facades and structures, treatment with flame retardant and fireproof coatings, Inspection of railings delimiting the balcony, assessment and repair, full cycle facades, Renovation, Metal structure, ASSEMBLY/DISASSEMBLY height, dismantling of high-rise metal structures, assembly, full-cycle dismantling of all types of hangars, assembly, dismantling of ventilation pipelines, assembly, such part, such as, cable, lightning Rod, disassembly and assembly of signal lamps. PAINTING at height. . Maintenance and painting of metal structures, Cleaning of metal structures from corrosion and surface coating, welding in hard-to-reach places at any height, metal construction painting. Roof works. Roof washing, renovation, painting, clearing gutters from snow and ice, development, technical assessment of roof gutter constructions and coverings, solution evaluation and drainage systems, drain cleaning, drainage systems( against icing) cable assembly, prevention of damage to roof coverings, installation and correction of the drainage system. WINDOW WASHING at height..Window, surveying showcases and glass panel walls, maintenance, washing. Window washing in hard-to-reach places, window sill installation. Arborist services, arborist. CUTTING OF TREES. Cutting of dangerous trees and tree branches in hard-to-reach places. Professional harvesting of trees of any complexity, dangerous tree cutting, trimming dry branches, pruning of tree branches for decorative and practical purposes Treatment against pests. Machinery rental, bus, micro bus rental, quads, waverunner, motorcycles, boats, canoes, saunas/pools. Hot tub. All for fun, for recreation, for sports activities both on the water, both terrestrial. Fun and adrenaline dose for your rest, for fun, for adrenaline. for well-being in the forest, both in the city, while enjoying freedom on the highway and peace on the water.