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Ēku projekti & pārvaldīšana, LTD, Krustpils 58, Rīga LV-1057 : companies :

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Ēku projekti & pārvaldīšana, LTD
House commissioning
Housekeeping and management
Executive measurement or topography
Opinion of a certified chimney sweep
Certified electrician's opinion
Temporary energy efficiency certificate
Building manager


  • 27 in december 2021, 10:00

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  4. 27.07.2012
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  6. Krustpils iela 58, Rīga, LV-1057

About us:

Ēku projekti & The management is certified with the Building Merchant Registration No. 17406 and the Manager's Register No. 794, a company created and developed by one family, which has proven itself and gained reliability among service recipients, with experience and professionalism, in residential housing acquisition, management, construction and its documentation in validation. We will help you solve those small or big sorrows that give you thoughts or headaches every day or when you think about them.



  • residential house management and administration( full-service apartment building management and administration, outsourcing of certain management activities)
  • consultations for DZĪB, DZĪKS, apartment owners' associations, house authorized persons, house elders and apartment owners on house management( consultations on house management issues, development of various documents required by the industry, drafting of contracts, face-to-face and online consultations)
  • construction project management( energy efficiency construction project management, renovation project management, EU construction project management for apartment buildings)
  • organization and execution of repairs and construction works of buildings and their adjacent territory



Advice and assistance in matters related to the management and administration of apartment buildings, outsourcing, outsourcing supervision, solving residential house problems in matters of management and administration, management agreement of its components, performance of mandatory management activities on a daily basis, work with a home community, forming a common view, compliance of estimates and services with the requirements of regulatory enactments, shared property issues, how to make decisions, formation of general meetings, planning and organization, act, protocol, report, drawing up plans, water loss monitoring and control, home affairs, maintenance, archiving, home financial control, report preparation, the procedural procedure for taking over the right of possession and the necessary documentation, load-bearing structure, network and communication lifetimes, solutions, repair planning, drawing up plans, energy efficiency implementation measures, price calculation and estimation, document management, home business, home visual inspection and technical survey, engineering system maintenance, introduction of other management activities, project, construction project management, various documents( or sample) preparing( power of attorney, acts, orders, home file documentation & hellip; ) . Services of individual management activities, RED or house communities. Visual inspection service. Technical survey service. Organization of training for apartment owners. Management Assignment Service. Construction project, organization of repair work.