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Construction, rebuilding, renovation. Self-employed masters., Ausekļa 32, Valmiera, Valmieras nov., LV-4201 : companies :
Construction, rebuilding, renovation. Self-employed masters.

Construction, rebuilding, renovation. Self-employed masters.


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About us:

We will build, renovate, rebuild, renovate or completely repair your object from the foundation to the roof.

Let's inspect and make an estimate( we will review and evaluate your estimate) .

We are a team of self-employed masters. We work in Valmiera and in a radius of about 70 km around it( In North Vidzeme) .

Individual approach to each client - we will listen to your wishes, evaluate situations and opportunities, come up with solutions in non-standard situations, consult, etc.

We coordinate and plan work with clients in a timely manner, inspecting objects in advance, creating estimates and agreeing on other details. We plan the objects in order when the customer has approved the estimate and we have agreed.

We procure materials, as well as attract all the necessary machinery and equipment.

We build cooperation with clients on the principles of mutual respect and understanding!
Call, write, let's talk, think about how and when we can help you!


According to the estimate, we will also do the work:

  • Construction of new foundations
  • Strengthening old foundations
  • Roof construction, cover change;
  • Drainage
  • Wall construction( both the wall and the standing building)
  • Electrical installation, also installation of lightning conductors
  • Plumbing works, including outdoor drainage with septic tank and infiltration field
  • Water and heating installation, including installation of a metal shell in the existing chimney
  • Keramzite, wood, screed and concrete industrial floors
  • Complete interior finishing work
  • As well as other construction work



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