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  1. 40103683059
  2. LV40103683059
  3. Rīga, Maskavas iela 322, LV-1063
  4. 2018
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Cleaning, Clean-up.
Cleaning services. Cleaning. Clean-up. Professional premises, bureaus,
offices, warehouses, apartments, private houses, building, stores,
supermarkets, industrial premises, cleaning and spring cleaning (cleaners).
Cleaning of premises after repair and construction works. Cleaning
in kitchens, sanitary rooms and stairwells. Everyday complex cleaning.
24-hour cleaning of premises. Food company and factory cleaning.
Specialized indoor works: glass, windows, shop-windows, stained glass,
frames, windowsills, blinds washing, cleaning. Floor covering (flooring)
cleaning, washing, waxing and treatment with protective means. Linoleum,
laminate, parquet, tile, concrete and marble floor cleaning, waxing.
Soft floor covering, carpet, rug cleaning, washing and dry cleaning.
Replaceable carpet service. Upholstered, leather furniture cleaning.
Window washing. Territory cleaning, roof cleaning, cleaning of premises.