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Window repair
Window maintenance
Window repair
Fix the window
Window packages
Window adjustment
Glass packet repair
PVC window repair
Repair the window urgently
Urgent window repair
Double-glazed windows replacement, change
Window seals
Glass replacement
Double glazed window change
Double pane windows
Fast, urgent replacement of the glass package
Replacement of glass during the day
Window blinds, blinds, roller blinds


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LTD "Logu Apkope" the work is related to light-transmitting structures, aluminum, plastic and wooden structures. Qualitative WINDOW repair, WINDOW maintenance, window service, Urgent window repair. The masters will promptly carry out window repairs, qualitatively adjust any window mechanism, replace window sealing rubber for PVC, aluminum, wooden window structures. Glass packages will be replaced. Mosquito nets will be installed. Will upgrade all types of windows. We perform dismantling, installation and repair work on your windows of any complexity. Our masters with more than 15 years of experience work efficiently and, most importantly, on time! We are professional, from adjusting PVC windows to installing complex structures and keeping them in working order in large industrial or office premises.

Window repair, maintenance and modernization of all types of windows.
Adjustment of plastic windows, balconies and exterior doors.
Call a master from Window Repair, and we will quickly and efficiently adjust any mechanism. Eliminate problems such as the ingress of cold through cracks, the appearance of condensate, trapping or difficult opening / closing, landing of the sash, as well as cases where the handle is broken.
New windows will last significantly longer if regular preventive inspections are carried out and, if necessary, the necessary repairs are carried out.
Our specialists will perform an inspection, find out the causes of the damage and solve the problem promptly. Our services: Glass unit replacement
Plastic windows Wooden windows Aluminum windows Single-chamber Double-chamber Glass packages with thermo frame TintedWindow repair
Urgent Plastic Window Wooden Window Aluminum Window Fittings Repair And Replacement Gasket Replacement AdjustmentMosquito nets
Frame nets Roller nets Door nets Sliding nets Anti-cat netsRoller cassette blinds



Window repair, Window maintenance, Doors, Urgent window repair, Replacement of window covers, Glass replacement, The glass package is replaced, Window restoration.

Window repair, window maintenance, window repair, window packages, window adjustment, plastic windows, PVC windows, glass packet repair, plastic windows repair, PVC window repair, Fix the window. Repair the window urgently. Urgent window repair, window tinting, double-glazed windows replacement, change, window ventilation, window seals, Glass replacement, fast, urgent replacement of the glass package. Replacement of glass during the day. Window blinds, blinds, roller blinds. Mosquito nets, networks manufacturing, installation, frame nets, roller nets, door nets, sliding nets, anti cat nets. PVC window and door repair, repair of aluminum windows and doors, wooden window and door repair, Wooden window manufacturing, Double glazed window change, double pane windows, repair of attic windows and doors, fittings change, replacement, alignment, Window fittings repair, installation of a protective mechanism for windows for child safety, window adjustment. Sealing rubbers, Seals incorporation. Pvc window seals change. Aluminium, plastic, wooden window seals. Seals milling, additional seals, non-standard seals. Window sealing, replacement of packing rubber, blind making, installation, replacement of single-chamber batch windows with dual-chamber batch windows, double glazed window production, Insulating glass units with thermal frame, Packet, Window manufacturing installation, windowsills( exterior, interior) . Incorporation of window panes. Additional opening installation. Door and window, loggia reconstruction, relocation, replacement of double-glazed units in facade constructions, prevention of leaks in the attic, on roof windows, window ventilation installation.