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Orac Decor karnizes, listes, gridlistes, interjersalons, Mūkusalas 49 k.2, Rīga, LV-1004 : companies :
Orac Decor karnizes, listes, gridlistes, interjersalons

Orac Decor karnizes, listes, gridlistes, interjersalons

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Floor lath
Floor decorative finish
Decorative laths
Floor decoration
Decorative moldings in the interior
Ceiling decorative finish
Ceiling decorative finish


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Experienced Orac Decor specialists and designers will consult during the interior and facade design and project implementation of an apartment, house, office, hotel, restaurant and other premises.
You will always get the most successful design and functional solution, as well as fast receipt of selected materials in a convenient place for you in Latvia.

IN LATVIA SINCE 1993. Annual

In Latvia since 1993. of known high-end interior decoration materials ORAC DECOR( Belgium) collections - cornices, moldings, curtain cornices, skirting boards, LED lighting profiles, 3D panels.
For decades, ORAC DECOR ® has been a world leader in the production of professional interior decoration materials.
The materials of the Orac Decor collection are durable, comfortable, easy to install and practical to use.


Our main goal is to provide you with everything possible to make your interior cozy, original and stylish.
May you have the pleasure of cooperating with ORAC DECOR!


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