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Seglers A., individuālā darba veicējs, Ilūkstes 103 k-2 - 75, Rīga, LV-1082 : companies :
Seglers A., individuālā darba veicējs

Seglers A., individuālā darba veicējs


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The team will perform dismantling work cheaply and quickly:

1. We break walls, floors, window doors, roofs( aerated concrete, concrete, brick, wood) .

2. We make rods and drill holes( electrical and plumbing communications) .

3. Cut out a box or arch, as well as a metal box for the door.

4. Territory cleaning( attic, basement, apartments) .

5. The team will demolish barns, fences, walls, floors, stoves, partitions. Have your own transport and tools. We remove construction debris with our own transport or containers, as well as help with the delivery of the necessary materials and inventory.

6. We remove wallpaper, paint, chalk, plaster, tiles.

Individual approach to each client.



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