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Without concrete foundation Screw piles
Krinner Screw piles, foundations
Krinner Screw piles
KRINNER temporary foundation solutions
Residential container foundations
Foundations for wood-frame houses
Krinner Screw piles
Krinner Screw piles
Krinner Screw piles, foundations
Krinner Screw piles
Krinner Screw piles
Krinner Screw piles
Krinner Screw piles

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  3. Ķekavas nov., Ķekavas pag., Valdlauči, Izstāžu iela 11, LV-1076
  4. 2019
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"KRINNER LATVIA" screw pile foundation only official "Krinner GmbH" Latvian dealer. Five years experience in without concrete foundation solutions, KRINNER screw piles, screw piles expert. A unique foundation solution with a very wide range of applications. KRINNER screw pile foundations are an environmentally friendly solution that does not excavate land, damage lawns, greenery, or create debris. Easy to install in places where access is difficult with heavy machinery and can be installed in all weather conditions. Screw pile foundations are a great solution for wooden structures, roads and traffic, flagpoles and masts, billboards and posters, solar power systems, fencing systems, sheds, warehouses and containers, gardens and leisure, event and exhibition structures. 


Basics of Residential Containers Temporary Basics for Buildings, Framed Houses.
Screw pile installation, screwdrivers, screw pile foundations for mounting,
installation foundation solution, solutions, advertising for panels
and posters foundation for timber structures, roads, traffic, flag stems,
for masts, for posters, for solar energy systems, foundations for barns,
for warehouses, for containers, fencing systems, for gardens, for recreation,
event, exhibition constructions, barriers, perimeter advertising,
flagpoles, flag poles, light poles, benches, lighting, mailboxes,
parking lots, bus stops, public transport stops, leeward shelters,
wind turnstiles, garages, radio masts, garden houses, construction
material and building structure trade, trade, delivery, greenhouses,
balustrades, warning, information signs, wooden terraces, footpath,
sheds, fences, commercial, outdoor sports grounds, garden pond bridges,
light temporary buildings, warehouse, traffic reflective poles, fencings,
chain fences, park and outdoor furniture, pavilions, solar panel systems,
pylons, sound insulation walls, arches, blinds, louvres, parasols and awnings,
anchor poles and piles, playground, equipment, garden pond bridges,
sheds, road, event, entertainment tents, clothes drying poles, road signs,
message boards, advertising banners, stands, promotional posters,
for panels, environment, mobile, wooden, sheds, warehouses, containers,
measures, waste bins, soundproof walls, we work all over Latvia,
consultations, module-type building, fences, Krinner products, qualitative solutions,
quality, screw pile, reliable output, operation, doesn't make debris,
quick dismantling, convenient transfer, installation in any weather,
foundation solutions, buildings. Aizkraukle, Riga, Jelgava, Bauska,
Ogre, Dobele, Jekabpils, Kraslava, Liepaja, Limbazi, Salacgriva,
Jurmala, Ludza, Livani, Madona, Lubāna, Baldone, Olaine, Sigulda,
Talsi, Tukums, Ventspils.

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