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4 Collas, LTD, plumbing and heating equipment wholesale, Katlakalna 9, Rīga LV-1073 : companies :
4 Collas, LTD, plumbing and heating equipment wholesale

4 Collas, LTD, plumbing and heating equipment wholesale

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Aquatherm PPR production
Aquatherm PPR systems
Danfoss underfloor collectors
Electromechanical tools Makita
Tools(  1)
Insulation for pipelines
Tools for pressing systems
PVC coatings
Reflex expansion vessels
Sanha press systems
Schell fittings
Standpipe balancers
Traps and siphons
Wavin sewer OPTIMA
Wavin Pilsa PPR production
Wavin noise-absorbing sewer AS+
Herz fittings for heating
Water mixers


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  5. Katlakalna iela 9, Rīga, LV-1073

About the company

LTD "4 collas" is a wholesale company with 10 years of experience and specialization in water supply, sewerage, plumbing and heating trade. 4-inch partners are manufacturers of many well-known systems and equipment in Europe - Aquatherm, Sanha, NMC, Magra, Vogel und Noot, Danfoss, Grundfos, Wilo, Reflex, Tia, Rofix Wavin, etc.

Terms of cooperation

After concluding the agreement, corporate customers are granted permanent discounts, payment terms and access to the website for electronic orders.

Our clients

Thanks to the wide range of products and fast service, we are chosen by more and more new customers, most of whom are assembly companies and management companies.


Heating radiators VOGEL&; NOOT, brass couplings, soldered and presses copper compounds, copper and 3-layer pipes, heating armature, balancing valves Danfoss, heated floor collectors Danfoss, ball valves, rubber, mineral wool and PE pipe insulation NMC, expansion vessels REFLEX, Varem, WATTS INDUSTRIES production, gas heating boilers Bosch, Pumps for water supply, for heating and sewerage, Manometers, heat supply solutions, Plumbing, wholesale, Water supply, Heat supply, Heating systems, sewerage, Pipes, fittings, taps, Filters, Radiators, fittings, bathtubs, Sinks, collectors, valves, Bolts, faucets, Pipe fittings, manometers, thermometers, Ball valves, Boilers, pot, Plumbing, heat and water supply system wholesale, Project assembly with materials, cast iron valves and filters, gate valves and butterfly valves, check valves, Brass ball valves, radiator connection armature, safety valves, collectors, Fittings for underfloor heating, collectors, Connection armature, safety valves, Steel welded fittings, Copper, brass, copper pipes for soldering, Polypropylene pipes and fittings PILSA, WAVIN, Aqutherm, PVC pipes and fittings for sewers Wavin, nuts, coupler, water filters, pipe fittings, valve, above and below plaster armature, thermostats, Assembly, pump repair, free consultations, Convenient free parking,