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JUNKORS FILTRI, LTD, Eirofiltri, Vestienas 2, Rīga LV-1035 : companies :

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Drinking water filters
Combined water filters
Mechanical water filters
Water treatment
Water filter cartridges
Water filters against lime
Water filters
Water filter for iron water


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  5. Vestienas iela 2, Rīga, LV-1035


Water filters manufactured under the trademark JUNKORS FILTRI are Ltd "Eirofiltri" production. These filters have been manufactured in Latvia for more than 20 years. Our water filters have been tested in the Ecological Laboratory of the Regional Environmental Board and tested at the National Center for Environment and Health.
Water filters are an economical and environmentally friendly solution in the field of water treatment, their effect is undeniable, and installation is simple. Water purified from impurities will provide positive benefits not only for your health, but will also protect household appliances from premature aging, the operation of which may be affected by calcareous or rusty water.
JUNKURS WATER FILTERS can be ordered on our website or purchased from one of our cooperation partners throughout Latvia. Contact us and our consultants will be happy to recommend the most suitable solutions for your needs.



Combined water filters, Mechanical water filters, home appliances filters.
Filters for drinking water. Mechanical water filters, combined water filters.
Chemical water filters, Euro filters, Junkers filters, ( Junkors filters)
water treatment. Water softening. Filters for iron clearing.
Combined water filter with quartz sand „Balts Extra”,
Akvedukts. Mechanical element + active carbon, silver, ionic resin,
polyphosphate salts. Universal water filter for drinking water.
Filter for water with iron, cartridges, calcareous, calcareous water,
water supply, plumbing. Production, trade, wholesale.
Water filters produced in Latvia. filters for drinking water.