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"Ottensten Latvia", Ltd., Dreiliņi, Garā 2, Stopiņu n., LV-2130 : companies :

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Legal data

  1. 40003237204
  2. LV40003237204
  3. "SEB banka"
  4. LV45UNLA0034106603100
  5. 22.12.1994
  6. Stopiņu nov., Dreiliņi, Garā iela 2, LV-2130


In Latvia we represent the world's leading instrument - nailer and stapler, rebar tying and processing tool, furniture parts connection and processing milling machine manufacturers, as well as compressor and compressed air treatment component equipment manufacturers to provide you with the best choice. Ottensten Latvia was founded in 1994. 


Tools. SENCO, Max, tools, tools, pneumatic tools, nailers, staplers,
pneumatic hammers, staples, nails, nails in rolls, nails in cassettes,
stifts, needles, screws, INOX screws. DURASPIN, screwdrivers, screws in a tape,
terrace screws, corrosion resistant screws, EUROTEC screws, screws with torx,
Rapid, mechanical staplers; MAX RE-BAR-TIER, rebar tying tools, Max,
wire, wire for reinforcement, rebar cutting, metal fittings, Sima,
reinforcement cutting machines, rebar bending equipment, tools for
concreting: POWER ADHESIVES, glue guns, thermal glue, hot melt adhesive,
hot adhesive in rods, LAMELLO, milling machines, milling cutters,
Clamex, Tenso, Divario, INVIS, furniture joints, fittings, hedgehogs,
invisible connections, resin column repair, filler, branch repair: WOLFCRAFT,
hand tools; Instrument trading, instrument service. Construction materials.
Materials for energy-efficient building, materials for frame house construction,
D-TACK, SIGA, adhesive tapes, adhesives, window adhesive tapes, membranes for roof,
membranes for walls, steam insulation membranes, TRELLEBORG, sealing rubbers,
mastics, construction foams, SIMPSON, construction forgings, metal angles,
wood fiber, hardboard; Equipment. MAYPRO, PALTEC, pallet manufacturing equipment,
pallet tables, nails for pallets, pallet guns. Fire safety. SECURO,
fireproof mesh, fire-proof ventilation. Compressors. Boge, compressors,
screw compressor, Reciprocating compressor, oil-free compressor,
turbo compressor. Compressed air, solutions. Assembly. Compressor service,
repair, spare parts, rental. OMI, air dryers, condensate separation,
filters. Pressure regulators, greaser. TESEO, pipelines, air lines,
fast connections, air ducts. CS Tool, flowmeter, dewpoint meter,
air audit. BUSCH, Mapro, air blowers, vacuum pumps. Oxymat, Nitrogen,
oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen generators, oxygen generators, hydrogen generators.
Medical oxygen, nitrogen. AIRREX, heaters, infrared heaters, diesel fuel heaters.
KRANZLE, high-pressure washers, cleaning equipment. Key projects,
containers, window ribbons, ribbons, energy efficiency.

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