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Uponor Latvia, LTD, Ganību dambis 7A, Rīga, LV-1045 : companies :

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Remote control of Uponor heated floors
Uponor warm floor laying Tacker
Uponor heated floors
Uponor thermostats Smatrix Style

Frequently asked questions

  • External surface contact. If Uponor piping systems are installed in an atmosphere containing chlorine( for example, swimming pool), Uponor fittings must be protected from contact with chlorine air( for example, with anti-corrosion adhesives), to avoid damage.

  • Disinfection of the water supply system is necessary in some cases( bacterial contamination), but it is not the final or most sustainable solution for system operation. Disinfection is necessary only then, if several things in the process of installing the water supply system( installation planning and operating errors) have gone wrong. First, it is absolutely necessary to detect errors and eliminate them( for example, water stagnation, unused tubes or temperature problems) . If this is done, then disinfection is necessary, to disinfect the system.


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  7. Ganību dambis 7A, Rīga, LV-1045

About the company

Uponor is a leading developer and manufacturer of heating pipelines and water supply systems. Our product groups: water supply, heat supply, water floor heating and room temperature control, decentralized heating system, infrastructure products. Uponor's mission — to develop and produce sustainable solutions that meet modern requirements and comfort levels.



  • Pipes( MLC, PE-Xa)
  • Fittings and compression joints( S-Press PLUS, RS, Uni-X, Q& )
  • Clamps, plates for heated floors and other auxiliary materials
  • Distributors and distribution cabinets
  • Pump groups
  • Room temperature control( including remote control of heated floors)
  • Pre-insulated Ecoflex pipes with VIP insulation layer( vacuum insulation panel)
  • Local heating units of apartments
  • Central heating units
  • Tools( unwinders, pressing, extruding, securing, cutting &; preparing)



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