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Profcentrs, LTD, Ventspils 63A, Rīga LV-1046 : companies :

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Profcentrs shop for masters Ventspils street 63a
Painter tools, brushes, brushes for painting
Construction materials, construction materials
Fillers, trowel, putty for the ceiling, putty for walls
Sale of construction materials, wholesale
Sale of construction materials
Paint, colour shading
Fillers, dry mixtures
Finishing materials, paint finish
Paint, wallpaper, tools, accessories
Sale of construction and finishing materials
Sale of construction and finishing materials
Sale of construction and finishing materials
Sale of construction and finishing materials
Sale of construction and finishing materials
Sale of construction and finishing materials
Ceresit CE 40 product stand in Profcentrs store Ganību dambis7
Ceresit products
Ceresit Visage stand Profcentrs store Ganību dambis7
Den Braven warehouse
Flugger 900 color catalog
Flugger colors Nordic colors samples in the store Profcentrs
Flugger colored shelves Ventspils street 63a, Riga
Flugger color test packagel
Flugger color tinting machine
Flugger color samples in the store Profcentrs
Flugger color sample stand in the store Profcentrs
Flugger painting tools in Profcentrs store
Flugger paint brushes
Flugger color shelves
Flugger paint stand
Flugger tools
Primer Ceresit CN94
Information center in Ventspils street
Profcentrs shop DenBraven product stand
Profcentrs shop Flugger tools, brushes
Profcentrs shop for Flugger brushes
Profcentrs veikals Ganību dambis 7 facade
Profcentrs shop pasture dam 7 3 box office
Profcentrs veikals Ganību Dambis 7a outdoor facade with Flugger and Ceresit
Profcentrs shop Ganību dambis Flugger Interior paints
Professional center shop in Ganibu Dambis


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  5. Ventspils iela 63A, Rīga, LV-1046

Affiliated companies

  1. Ganību dambis 7a, Rīga LV-1045
    +371 66001066

  2. Zemnieku 60, Liepāja LV-3401
    +371 63480878


At the professional center, we supply customers with premium quality construction products and provide advice to construction industry professionals and DariPats( private house, apartment owners) category of clients who want to achieve a professional quality work result. We supply construction materials to more than 200 sales outlets throughout Latvia, as well as complete the assembly of goods for construction companies that perform works in Latvia and Europe. We represent in Latvia the brands CERESIT, FLUGGER, DENBRAVEN, MAKROFLEX, EJOT, KINGSPAN, GRACO, FESTOOL and others. Profcentra sales points( two in Riga, one in Liepaja) we offer customers a flexible price discount system, color, tinting of decorative plasters, fast delivery of goods, as well as delicious coffee, waiting for the order to be processed.


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